How it works

eskpresoo is simple and easy way to order items online. Enjoy the variety of choices and cuisines which could be delivered to your home or office.


Here is how Ekspresoo works:


Find a Store:

Enter you address or choose from the map on the front page to set your location. Take a review on the stores which deliver to your address. Choose a store and dive in its tasty menu.


Choose a dish:

Choose from the displayed dishes. If there is an option to add products or sauce, for pizza for example, you will be asked for your choice right after you click on the item. Your order will be dispayed on the right side of the page.


Finish your order and choose type of payment:

When you complete the order, click "Buy". Now you only have to write your address and choose type of payment as you follow the instructions on the page.



You will receive SMS as confirmation for your order and information about the delivery time and.....

That's all!



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